Dalat - The Fairyland of Flowers

Known as the fairyland of flowers, visitors can easily see and enjoy thousands of flowers in all corners of Dalat. However, each and every time of the year, Dalat city is beautiful and charming with a typical flower season.  Flowers make Dalat more poetic, more attractive. Let's explore the flower seasons in Dalat to choose the best time for you to travel!
  1. Wild Himalayan Cherry
Dalat Wild Himalayan Cherry bloom in the early days of the lunar year. The flower season lasts from January to the end of March. Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Ho Tung Mau Street, Tuong Pho Street, Yersin Street, and especially Tran Hung Dao Street are the must-visit place to see the most beautiful cherry blossoms.

  1. Bauhinia Variegata
Bauhinia Variegata is a typical flower of the Northwest area of Vietnam, but from the date of being planted in Da Lat, this flower has attracted many tourists to admire. From February to the end of March is the time the type of flowers blooms the most beautifully in Dalat. This flower is grown along the roads of Quang Trung Street, Tran Hung Dao Street, Tran Phu Street, Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street... Let’s keep in mind these addresses if you expect to enjoy the most beautiful Bauhinia Variegata in Dalat.

  1. Mimosa Flower
Mimosa flower grows mainly on Mimosa Pass (new pass) in Golden Valley Tourist Area from March to April. Mimosa flowers are bright yellow, small round shape and look like Dandelion flowers. It is a quite unique flower, bringing characteristic to Dalat.

  1. Jacaranda
Jacaranda is the "specialty" in March and April in Dalat. The purple color of the flowers makes Dalat much more romantic and poetic. If you want to see the best amazing scenery of this flower, you can walk along the lakeside of Xuan Huong Lake, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Doc Da Street, Bui Thi Xuan Street, Anh Sang Street...

  1. Dandelion
This flower blooms from January to early May. The location where you can see the beautiful Dandelion in Dalat is the No.1 Yersin, Love Valley, Golden Valley, Palace II or Robin Hill...

  1. Sun Flower
In Da Lat, from April to June is the time when the most beautiful sunflowers bloom in the sun. To visit the sunflower hill, from the center of Dalat you move towards Van Thanh flower village to the end of Ta Nung Pass, there will be a lot of sunflower gardens. If you continue to move about 5km to Me Linh cafe, you will see the largest sunflower field opposite Me Linh Cafe. Continue moving about 100m more, you will see the second sunflower field on the left hand.

  1. Hydrangea
In Dalat, hydrangeas flower all year round. Hydrangea field is located in Lac Duong District connecting Dalat city and Nha Trang City. You also can enjoy the beauty of hydrangea in Love Valley and Dalat City Flower Garden.

  1. Lavender
From September to November is the time Dalat Lavenders bloom the most. Van Duc pagoda (located in Ta Nung Pass) and Dalat Milk Farm are 2 places that own the most beautiful lavenders of Dalat City.

  1. Buckwheat
In Dalat, there are 3 buckwheat fields: Anh Sang street nearly Xuan Huong lake, Van Duc pagoda and Dalt Milk Farm.

  1.  Wild Sunflower
Wild Sunflowers are wild flowers, popular in the central highland and many northern highland provinces. However, when mentioning the wild sunflower season, people often immediately think of Dalat. The most beautiful wild sunflowers is in the morning when the sunshine of the winter rises. Wild Sunflowers bloom most from October to December.

  1.  Rapeseed
In November and December, visitors have a great chance to enjoy the beautiful yellow color of rapeseed fields in Dalat. To have the most amazing photos of the flower, you should go to Don Duong Town, the foot of the Ta Nung Pass.

Let's plan to travel Dalat and enjoy the magical beauty of Dalat flowers with us !!!


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Dalat - The Fairyland of Flowers

Known as the fairyland of flowers, visitors can easily see and enjoy thousands of flowers in all corners of Dalat. However, each and every time of the year, Dalat city is beautiful and charming with a[...]

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